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Local Microwave Cleaning in Newcastle

spotless clean microwave cleaning services

Do you have a dirty microwave? It’s not just an eyesore, and it can also be dangerous! Microwave ovens heat food by generating microwaves. Suppose your food is contaminated with bacteria and other nasty substances. In that case, the microwaves will transfer items to the microwave walls and contaminate any future foods that are cooked there.

The result: you’re cooking up sickeningly unhealthy meals for yourself and your family. But don’t worry – we’ve got this covered! At Oven Cleaning Newcastle, our team of trained professional cleaners will come to your home or office and perform a thorough clean so that you can once again feel safe about heating those leftovers!


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    Microwave Cleaning Services in Newcastle

    Oven Cleaning Newcastle specialises in deep cleaning services. We know that warm, moist environments are the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria and other substances. Our team of experts will use high-powered vacuum cleaners to suck up all this dirt before wiping down your microwave with a powerful disinfectant solution containing alcohol and bleach, which is capable of killing 99% of harmful microorganisms.

    Let our dedicated team of cleaners take care of your dirty appliance and give you the peace of mind that it is spotless. Please take advantage of our deep microwave cleaning service in Newcastle today!

    grease free microwave cleaning services

    Microwave Cleaning Service With a Higher Standard

    Our oven cleaners are fully trained and certified to sanitise your entire kitchen, including microwaves. They are trained to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

    Your microwave is constructed in such a way that it can be challenging to clean. Our cleaner will use their specialist training and experience cleaning ovens, microwaves and kitchen appliances to ensure your microwave is spotless.

    It also includes a thorough clean of the vents and external surfaces, plus a check for any cracks or damage. It is ensuring that your appliance is safe and in good working condition.

    expertly cleaned microwave cleaning services

    What to Expect from Your Microwave Cleaning Appointment

    With your appointment, you can expect a thorough clean of the interior and exterior surfaces. The vents are cleaned to stop any odours. Checking are performed for cracks or damage that are missed during installation.

    Your microwave oven is an essential part of your kitchen, so it needs to be working safely at all times! Maintaining your appliance with regular cleaning appointments ensures that they last longer and perform better.

    To make sure you’re getting our best service possible, we offer free consultations online or over the phone before booking your appointment. Just let us know what appliances need attention when filling out the form on this page.

    The main benefits of Microwave Cleaning are:

    Improved efficiency

    Maintain the efficiency of your microwave by removing built-up grease and other organic material.

    Ease of use

    Maintaining a microwave produces significantly less odour that could irritate those around you, making it easier to cook for large groups or enjoy a delicious meal without any unpleasant smells lingering in the air.

    Improved food taste

    Maintaining a microwave and removing built-up grease allows for more flavour to be absorbed into your food. In contrast, dirty microwaves are known to leave behind an unpleasant odour.

    Malfunction prevention

    Maintaining a microwave will prevent malfunctions by preventing grease from building up, preventing arcing and overheating.

    Oven life is extended

    Maintaining a microwave will extend the life of your oven by preventing arcing and overheating, which in turn prevents damage to the oven’s wiring.

    Why Choose Oven Cleaning Newcastle?

    Don’t risk the health of your family with a dirty microwave!

    Fully trained professionals

    You can rest assured that your microwave will be left as good as new.

    Free consultations

    Our expert technicians are happy to offer advice and answer any questions you may have about our services before they start working on your appliance.

    No-fuss assistance with no hidden costs

    You’ll know what you’re paying for before the work begins.

    Fire safety prevention

    Maintaining a clean oven is the best way to prevent fire hazards.

    Outstanding results you'll expect

    Our oven cleaning service will leave you with a sparkling clean appliance that’s as good as new.

    Eco-friendly microwave cleaning system

    We use a bio-degradable, eco-friendly cleaning system.

    How long does microwave cleaning take?

    Microwave cleaning is a quick and straightforward process, and the cleaning time will depend on the size of your appliance and the amount of dirt and grease inside. The cleaning of moderately dirty microwaves is usually completed in one hour.

    How often should I get my microwave cleaned?

    Microwave cleaning is a necessary part of preventative oven maintenance, so you will probably need to have your appliance professionally cleaned about once every six months or the frequency recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions with whichever comes first. Contact BBQ cleaners in Newcastle for more information on how to maintain your appliances following industry standards.


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