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Fridge Cleaning Services

Have you ever wondered why your fridge never looks as good as new? Fridges are used every day, and they gather the dirtiest of all kitchen countertops. It’s not just a matter of wiping it down with some antibacterial wipes or polishing cloths on it – there’s more to it than that. Dirty fridges make people feel disgusted, so let Oven Cleaning Newcastle be the one to help you sort it out!

Top-Quality Fridge Cleaning in Newcastle

fridge and freezer cleaning services in Newcastle

We have been providing domestic and commercial Fridge Cleaning services in Newcastle for years. This experience has made us experts at cleaning refrigerators of any size, shape or age range.

We can help you restore your fridge to a like-new status with our Fridge Deep Clean Service without the use of toxic chemicals or abrasive scrubbing!


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    Cleaning Services for All Fridges

    It is an old fridge that requires some TLC, a new one that needs deeper cleaning from dust and dirt accumulation after unpacking. General upkeep between major deep cleans – we have all bases covered.

    Our Fridge Cleaning Services Includes:

    Here at Oven cleaning Newcastle, our services are tailored to suit your fridge’s needs. We have a range of cleaning packages for all budgets, and we guarantee you’ll love the results!

    Detailed inspection

    Oven cleaning Newcastle understand that Fridges are used for various purposes. With this in mind, we will inspect your fridge to determine the best course of action.


    Fridges are high-touch areas that can accumulate dirt and bacteria over time. Fridge cleaning Newcastle provide thorough disinfection and will make your fridge fresh again.

    Deep Cleaning

    We remove all surface dirt and grime (including those hard-to-reach spots!) as well as stains from hours of use!

    Cleaning Solutions

    While some Fridges require more attention than others, our team can always help you out. Some Fridges need deep scrubbing while others need basic upkeep between major cleanings.


    Fridge cleaner Newcastle has specially formulated polishes to remove fingerprints, smudges, grease or anything else you may have missed!

    Our Cleaning Process:

    Here are the reasons why you should hire Oven Cleaners Newcastle to help you with fridge cleaning

    Defrosting freezers

     Our process starts with a thorough defrost of the fridge and freezer. Without this step, bacteria can build up quickly on surfaces that remain iced over for long periods, like door seals.

    Cleaning Freezer Shelves

    Next, we will remove ice build up on the freezer inner walls using hot steam before scrubbing away stains and spills stuck on the surface. After this point, our expert cleaners will dry down surfaces and quickly return all items into place for your convenience!

    Polishing fridge and freezer exterior

    Fridges and freezers are cleaned inside and polished on the outside to ensure a beautiful appearance.

    Removing Freezer Shelves

    Fridges can accumulate much dirt, and mustiness are removed with just soapy water alone. Our deep clean process starts by removing all the freezer shelves to protect them from coming in contact with any cleaning chemicals that might otherwise damage their surface or affect their sealant.

    Removing Fridge Drawers

    Finally, drawers are emptied one more time to make sure they don’t hold any lingering substances which may have been left behind during the fridge cleaning.

    Why Choose Us?

    1. Fully certified technicians – All technicians are fully licensed and trained to do a thorough job.
    2. Prompt service- Fridge Cleaning provided in Newcastle by Oven Cleaning Newcastle will be at your home or office with fast service. Our company is a well established, reliable business that offers top quality services from professional cleaning teams!
    3. We strive for customer satisfaction- Feedback on our work is appreciated, and we will gladly take care of any concerns you may have. We proudly provide the best appliance cleaning services in Newcastle.
    4. A 100% guaranteed work- Fridge cleaning is a service that we offer and are proud of. We use different methods to clean your appliances, such as steam cleaners, dry ice blasting or hot water extraction, depending on the fridge type you have
    5. A thorough job- Fully certified technicians will do a specific job when it comes to removing all dirt and grime in your refrigerator, which can prevent food contamination from bacteria
    6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee- If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our work, then give us a callback, and we will send out another technician at no extra cost.
    odor free fridge and freezer cleaning services

    How much does it cost to clean a refrigerator?

    Here at Oven Cleaning Newcastle, we understand that you want to get a good deal and don’t want someone else to take advantage of your situation. We offer competitive rates for Fridge Cleaning Newcastle and all around the Newcastle area!

    A fridge cleaning usually starts at about $20-$80, depending on the size of the appliance being cleaned. The Fridge cleaning is always cheaper than freezer units because there are fewer nooks and crannies where dirt can hide.

    expert cleaners wearing safety gloves before fridge cleaning services

    How often should the fridge be cleaned?

    The most critical part of Fridge Cleaning is that it be done regularly. If you clean your fridge once a year, the food left inside will likely spoil and stink while attracting bugs and other pests.

    Your refrigerator deserves the attention of a Fridge Cleaning Newcastle expert. Would you please give it a deep clean every two to three months? The Fridge Cleaning Newcastle experts at Oven Cleaning Newcastle will help you keep your fridge looking as good as new and feeling fresh every time you open the door!


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